Wealth Investments


Investment reffers to any money that us used to try and turn it into profit, allocation of money in the expectation of some benefit in the future, simply making your money work for you. 

AFS could assist you compile the most appropriate strategy of investment for achieving your goals based on the investing options offered-whatever your personal preferences, by combing our knowledge and understanding of various investments. Regardless of when you begin, a successful plan will require a long-term investment strategy, and commitment to seeing that strategy through, to be able to have income to support and secure financial future. We understand that everyone has different goals in their life and requires a different plan to ensure their goals are achieved, wealth investment would be the plan for you.

Here are the options that we have for Investments:

  • Retirement Annuity

  • Staff retirement

  • Community fund

  • wealth management

  • portfolio

  • Education plan

  • Home plan

  • Car plan

  • Business investment

  • Pension

  • Mutual funds

  • property

  • Restaurant

  • Business

  • unplugged Investments

  • Cash Solutions

  • Community Bank

  • Community Development Bank

  • Corporate Bank

  • Co-operative Bank

  • Mortgage bank

  • Merchant bank

  • Micro-Finance Bank

  • Land Development Bank

  • Religious & Cultural Bank

  • Internet Bank

  • Savings & Investment

  • Business banking

  • CIT